• preparation, review, and pricing of change orders
  • change order management and tracking 
  • change order analysis and evaluation
  • change order negotiations 

Change orders are a large part of some construction projects. Changes in site conditions, unmarked or identified utilities, misalignment, depths and elevations, can all be cause for a change order. At Construct-Ability, we have the knowledge and tools in place to quickly determine if a change order is justified based on the contractor’s claims and contract documents. We can prepare a change order from an outside perspective looking in, or we can review a recently submitted change order and determine if the scope in the change order matches what the scope should be. If you don’t have the resources available to negotiate the change order, we can administer the negotiations from a neutral stance to ensure that everyone’s needs have been satisfied in the most economical way. Our goal is to keep change orders to a minimum during our review, but when they do come up, we strive to put them away as quickly as possible and keep them out of the courtroom