• claim justification and evaluation
  • schedule impact and delay analysis
  • productivity loss, down time analysis 
  • site condition production losses review
  • litigation support services and expert witness testimony

Construction projects require the organization of numerous interdependent components and involve the exchange of information between parties (engineers, contractors, suppliers) concerning materials, tools, equipment, and personnel. All of these moving pieces have to work together in a seamless fashion toward the ultimate goal of meeting the client's needs in the most economical fashion for everyone.

In some cases, the pieces don't work together smoothly, resulting in a construction claim that requires some sort of resolution. These disputes are, unfortunately, fairly common in our industry. If claim disputes are not resolved quickly, they become expensive. With our hands-on experience and contracting background, our team is qualified to diagnose, evaluate, and put forth a plan of action to resolve any type of claim dispute for all phases and disciplines of construction. We offer our services to fit our clients’ needs, including participation in direct negotiations or through mediations or as expert witnesses.