The City of Cedar Park has an existing sanitary sewer line that continues to exceed the flow capacity, which then results in a floating manhole in the congested and highly traveled area of Lakeline Blvd and FM 1431. To combat this issue, Cedar Park has proposed the installation of a new, larger sanitary sewer line to serve as an additional auxiliary pipeline when capacities exceed the existing line. Our team was contacted to consult with the City of Cedar Park to develop a preliminary concept plan, provide a cost estimate, and create a construction schedule to give the City of Cedar Park an idea of the project's feasibility and budget. We were given a set of as-builts of the area along with GIS mapped information to understand the challenges and obstacles facing this project.

To begin the process, our team conducted a site visit. We took photos of the area to determine existing site conditions, existing features that would need to be addressed, and traffic conditions. All of these items contribute to the scope development, and if they aren't addressed, they can potentially drive up construction costs. During our site visit, we found a number of issues that we documented in the site evaluation report. Items we addressed were the numerous existing utility crossings, mature landscaping, sidewalk crossings, and driveway crossings. We also considered how we could minimize the impact on the adjacent Walgreens facility.

Once the site conditions were documented and a plan was in place to address the issues we identified, we prepared multiple concepts. Cedar Park selected one, and, given pipeline depths and depths at existing utility crossings, we made a plan and profile for the proposed line. In the last stages of scope development, our team discussed and prepared a preliminary construction schedule that identified submittal timelines, procurement of material timelines, and actual construction and installation timelines. We identified necessary shutdown segments and other potential impacts that the construction could have on the surrounding area, and we created detouring plans to combat the shutdown of Lakeline Blvd at the beginning of the project. After that portion of our scope, we finalized the project schedule and determined a contract duration that suited this project best and allowed the contractor sufficient time without excess.

This project has a number of challenges and potential risks. Identifying them prior to design gave the City of Cedar Park an idea of how much the project will cost and which contractors are possible suitors for this type of work. Moving forward, the city has a better idea of how to complete the project in the most economical and constructible way and can determine if the project can be integrated into the current budget.