• result in fewer change orders, higher quality bids, limited delays, and an overall smoother/more efficient construction process
  • resolve errors and identify omissions prior to bid time
  • reduce construction administration costs

During a constructability review, our firm analyzes a project's proposed construction processes from start to finish. Constructability reviews, which include drawing, specification, and contract general conditions reviews, are indispensable to a project's success. They help identify obstacles prior to the delivery of a project, thereby reducing and/or preventing errors, delays, and cost overruns. The time and money we're able to save our clients outweigh the cost of the review 100% of the time.

Our team is innovating the constructability review process with our approach. What makes us different? We have experience as general contractors and estimators, which allows us to expertly help our clients identify and mitigate risk before it turns into litigation.