• AACE class 1-5 cost estimate preparation
  • design phase alternative comparison cost estimating 
  • bid item & bid package development
  • value engineering cost comparisons
  • EOPCC estimate review / normalization of estimate

Cost estimating is an important process in the planning and design phases of a project. Over-designing leads to busted construction budgets and the eventual death of the project. Our team hopes to eliminate the number of projects that die in the design phase by simply providing our clients with an accurate and complete cost estimate.

Using the industry-leading tools we have for our cost estimating and take-off efforts, our team produces efficient and accurate estimates. We use programs such as Planswift, Agtek, Estimation, Accubid, RS Means, and Vaughen’s to help facilitate our cost estimates. The art of estimating then comes into play with Bid2Win. Our cost estimates reflect the true market value of a project because we apply production rates based on crew sizes and our own experiences. We can provide any class estimate at any point in a project’s life cycle.

We take a “bottom-up” approach to cost estimating. The “top-down” approach tends to leave out numerous scope items in hopes that the estimator will make up for the shortage with a overage in another item or even by adding a couple of percentage points to the contingency factor. Our cost estimates do not have a contingency factor; we account for everything down to the nuts and bolts. Our team has spent the last 15 years building databases for each discipline of construction, and we've worked on a wide range of projects since our company's inception. Our databases combined with our ability to identify scope (and see every piece of each scope item) lead to accurate and complete cost estimates.