• contractor pre-qualification support
  • pre-qualification statement preparation, evaluation and selection support
  • bid day strategy analysis
  • potential bidders list

Our background as estimators in the general contracting world has trained us to track both the current market and past bidding strategies. Our team has built a contractor tracking system that allows us to track the market and how it’s changing every day. With this knowledge, we're able to provide insight to our clients regarding optimum windows for bidding specific types of projects.

We track plant contractors, small diameter pipeline contractors, large diameter pipeline contractors, and everything in between. We track each region in Texas to determine the amount of work per region, which can then help us determine potential bidding contractors for your project. Just prior to bid time, we also try to identify what each potential bidder’s strategy is going to be, whether that be with specific sub-contractors or vendors or aggressiveness on pricing based on current backlog. All of these factors relate to how the market is currently performing and will affect how your project bids. We take the time to track everything. When it comes time to bid your project, we can help.