• project lifetime schedules (all phases)
  • conceptual schedules
  • construction phase schedules 
  • milestone- or incentive-based contract schedule and analysis 
  • alternative installation/shut down sequence schedules 
  • submittal/long-long lead item timetables 
  • time loss recovery schedules
  • cost and resource loaded CPM schedules
  • schedule reports and analysis prepared by others 

A detailed construction schedule doesn't just tell you how long a project will take; it's an essential project management tool that our clients can use to effectively measure construction progress, identify potential plan impacts, and determine the most efficient route to offset the impacts throughout the life of a project. Our team of certified CPM schedulers utilize the most up-to-date and efficient software programs, including Primavera P6 and MS Project, and our versatility in multiple programs affords our clients with deliverables in any manner suitable for them.

Construct-Ability is capable of preparing a diverse lineup of construction schedules. If engaged in the conceptual phase, we have the ability to prepare comprehensive lifetime project schedules that include the planning phase activities, design phase activities, construction phase activities, and specific milestones set forth by the client. The schedule we prepare is the schedule you would receive from a contractor as a submittal. With a detailed schedule, we can begin to determine if there are specific time-saving practices that can be employed to reduce contract duration.