• on-site construction observations
  • construction photographs 
  • document control / correspondence logs 
  • contract administration support
  • monthly pay application review and recommendation support
  • weekly project completion drawing and record drawing preparation
  • schedule update and look ahead analysis
  • contractor coordination support services 
  • material inventory and delivery support

Construct-Ability provides active project management services for all types of projects from the end of the design phase through close-out and the completion of the contract. We can provide construction management services in a multitude of ways - from a direct owner’s representative to a support project management role. We offer a number of support services, including construction administration, document management, quality management and assurance, and cost controls. When we're involved in a project, we provide our clients with weekly completion drawings showing the progress made each day for pay application justification, etc. These weekly updates serve as the as-built or record drawings; any time something has been adjusted, we document it and include that alteration on the plans.

We can provide schedule or timeline updates based on the contractor's look ahead. If we identify a potential delay early enough, we may be able to make up the time needed elsewhere. We also provide documentation control for submittals, RFI’s, change orders, etc. We keep correspondence logs for all transmittals to and from the contractor.

Our services also include quality assurance & inspections. We provide daily on-site inspections to ensure that the contractor is performing the work up to the standards set forth by the contract documents. From bid time to project close-out, we can assist in making the project delivery process as smooth and efficient as possible. Take a look at some of the projects we've managed to see how we can help you.